Dead Sled "Superior" Glow-In-The-Dark Snapback

$30.00 USD

We did this up way back in 2016, and never really used it for anything. Seems people kinda dig it, so we threw it on a few things. Modeled after the classic Superior Coach logo, we modified it to be a DS monogram (instead of SC) and did our best to mimic the typography.

Stitched in the USA for us on a five-panel snap-back. The stitching glows in the dark, too! (The underside of the bill is black).

Ships in its own box for protection.

Note to Canadian residents: due to the rising costs via Canada Post, our rates for shipping international have gone up (and will probably continue to rise). We apologize, but take it up with your government if you don't like the shipping fees. :)


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